The Best Blogger In The World, Michael Arrington

Best in the World Blogger : Michael Arrington ~ Who is not familiar with one of the best bloggers in the world, yes Michael Arrington is his name. With its technology blog is able to make his blog to make money that is extraordinary, if you still do not know the best bloggers on this one, then I will discuss a little about his biography profile.

Michael Arrington was born in California on March 13, 1970. Michael started to grow and spent his childhood by living moved in California and England. After graduating from high school, Michael then continued his education at the University of California. After successfully completing a degree in economics, Michael returned to the bench of education to learn the ins and outs of law at Stanford Law School.

The Best Blogger In The World, Michael Arrington by Anas Blogging Tips

After completing education from Stanford Law School in 1995, Michael then worked in the areas of corporate and securities law at an institution. In 2000, Michael also had set up an online payment company named Achex. The online payment company that was later acquired by First Data Corp. with a pretty fantastic value reaching US $ 32 million.

The need for the latest information about the world of technology to encourage people who have a passion in the field of information technology to create websites and other similar that contains contents about technology news. One of the creators who successfully achieve this is Michael Arrington, the founder of TechCrunch that which became the highest paid in the world blogger and blogger best.
The Best Blogger In The World, Michael Arrington by Anas Blogging Tips
Michael Arrington not only focus on productivity and content that was launched by TechCrunch. To that end, Michael began to focus on setting up a venture capital firm with a form to regulate the flow of funds TechCrunch. The company named CrunchFund established with MG Siegler and Patrick Gallaghar.

CrunchFund flow of funds could then be used to invest disebuah online retail company named Bluefly. It brings a positive change of Bluefly and eventually make its former CEO, Melissa Payner return to work at Bluefly.

To establish networking with other technology companies, Michael is also seeking an annual event called TechCrunch Disrupt. Since 2014, the annual conference has been held in San Francisco, New York City and Beijing and involve many leading technology companies in the world.

Many technology companies that enliven the annual event to distribute information, services and new product launches. Besides aiming to establish contacts with other technology companies, Michael is also focused goal of the event to educate the public about the latest developments in the technology world.

At that time it was reported that Arrington likely to remain as an employee blog, but no longer maintain any editorial control. This was confirmed by Arriana Huffington who is the editor and chief of all AOL blog, when he said that Arrington would no longer report to him. Since Friday there have been a number of posts TechCrunch writers discuss their feelings about the deal, and how it will be the end of the tech blogs as we know. Mr. Arrington has now weighed in on this issue, and do so in a way that only he can. Arrington AOL has given an ultimatum to either honor the agreement made when they bought the blog almost a year ago, or resell it.

There are some issues that are very sticky around this story, but Arrington decided to focus only on one of them and ignore the other land mines like a conflict of interest. Arrington was not happy with the idea that AOL may stop allows the blog he created to write independently of the rest of the AOL blog led by Arriana Huffington. If AOL will not allow the blog to write his own story to follow its own rules behind the blog he wants to buy, ironically, he will most likely need some venture capital to do so. Although Arrington apparently giving AOL the only two there is a third option he raised in his post, "If Aol can not accept either of these options, and no other creative solution can be found, I can not be a part of TechCrunch going forward."
The Best Blogger In The World, Michael Arrington by Anas Blogging Tips
It seems very likely that AOL will resell the company paid $ 25 million for the month of September 2010. It also seems unlikely that AOL will allow TechCrunch operate independently now that Arrington is an investment in the company's reports on his blog. It seems as if the initial report that Arrington would leave the blog seems more uncertain than ever, but probably not at the things he originally expected.

News site TechCrunch startup founded by former attorney Michael Arrington in a rented house in Silicon Valley in 2005. From the beginning of their simplicity, the site became the dominant name in the startup developing world, especially since launched a series of events and conferences.

In 2010 it was announced that TechCrunch has been sold to AOL for an unnamed figure (reported at that time to about $ 25 million). Arrington had always been known as a vocal leader, not afraid to tackle head-on the perceived mistakes he sees in the world of technology. It does not change after the acquisition of AOL.

After the acquisition, Michael Arrington started his own investment fund, CrunchFund, personal projects unrelated to AOL investment. It is considered by many to be a conflict of interest with his role as editor of the news site TechCrunch startup. After a furious wave of news articles that include moving, Arrington finally resigned from his role at TechCrunch and AOL.

Speculation has been there for years over whether Michael Arrington will never reunite with the site he founded. Talking about Arrington, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong made it clear that he was welcome to rejoin the company. Armstrong said on stage that "Mike has an open job offer to become Chairman of TechCrunch. I keep in touch with him. Mike knows how I feel about him eventually come back."

Hopefully what I have said can be learning and make this story as a motivation for us all to make our respective blogs became famous blogs like what has been done by Michael Arrington.

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